Teppei Kaneuji | Ghost ship in a storm + White Discharge

We couldn't be more proud to announce our new project with Japanese conceptual artist Teppei Kaneuji, each of Teppei's works has a multitude of meanings and is deeply rooted in his ethos: re-contextualizing objects and images from their original sense. Teppei use many mediums such as sculpture, photo, video and performance and his art is in the permanent collection of the Yokohama Museum of Art, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Art in Osaka,  Kadist Art Foundation in Paris & San Francisco and the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art in Australia. 

Ahead of his multiple projects planned in 2020 in New York and in Japan, we are really thrilled to start this year with his unbound creativity.

Exhibition at The Fridge from February 3rd through February 21st.




Kyoto based, artist Teppei Kaneuji investigates the mass consumption of contemporary culture, sourcing materials from everyday life, found objects and characters from Japanese comics to create sculpture that is at once playful and menacing. In his signature series White Discharge (2002-ongoing), Kaneuji takes small, inexpensive objects – plastic containers, balls, cooking utensils, ropes, action figures, etc. – and uses them to create quasi-architectural structures. “White discharge,” or plastic resin, is then repeatedly poured atop the structures, slowly dripping as it pools to the bottom. As the dripping resin slowly hardens upon the objects, it transforms the composite structure into a vaguely familiar yet strange visual experience.