A Distant Closeness

November 10th to January 6th at The Fridge



Artist Statement

In this new body of work, I wanted to explore past memories of the trees, forests and landscapes I have encountered in my life. The aim is to understand how these natural elements have etched themselves into my memory and then project this imprint onto the canvas, much like light on a film captured in silver gelatin.

Looking into the non-reproductive side of the medium of painting i wanted to use repetition in the color palette, the lines, the texture and the intent so the abstract rendition gradually coalesce into a pattern that evokes a musical rhythm.


Antoine Wagner is a French-American contemporary artist and film director who works in the fields of sculpture, paintings, drawings, film, performance, photography, sound and installation. His work explores the connectivity between nature, geography, mythology and the sublime as well as themes of resurrection and identity. The institutions that have presented the artist’s work include The Tiroler Festispiele Erl, Austria (2022), Les Archives Nationales, Paris, France ( Nuit Blanche 2021), The National Gallery of Armenia (2019), The New World Center Miami, Florida, USA (2018), The Goethe Institute Tokyo, Japan, (2018), The Deck Museum, Singapore (2018) ,The Voelkerkunde Museum Hamburg, Germany (2014-15), the Collection Lambert en Avignon, France (2014), The Theater of St Gallen Switzerland (2013) and The Palazzo Vendramin Venice, Italy (2013).

Wagner received a bachelor of Arts (2005) in Theater from Northwestern University and a joint Bachelor of Science in Political science (2005) from Northwestern University and Sciences Po Paris. After a continuing studies program at NYU Tisch (2007) Wagner assisted palme d’or winner Michael Haneke. The artist has completed two residency programs: Bob Wilson at the Watermill Foundation in NY (2005) and the summer program at the Villa Medici Rome, Italy (2014). Wagner is the prize winner of the Prix Lyrique Pierre Berge (2013) for his publication with the Verlag for Moderne Kunst Wagner in der Schweiz.

Wagner’s most recent work, the Impossible Forest, is a collaborative platform raising awareness for land preservation through Art.