Jeremy Yamamura - ALL STARZZZ

November 2021, JEREMY YAMAMURA "ALL STARZZZ" solo show curated by THE FRIDGE at Dojo Tokyo Harajuku.



Jeremy Yamamura (born 1981) started his art practice over two decades ago in the streets of Bordeaux. He became a member of a prominent local graffiti crew and created his unique characters, DOGZZZ, which aimed to spread positivity and provide social commentary. In 2004, Jeremy moved to London and held his first art exhibition. He later traveled to Japan in 2006, where he worked as a director and motion graphic designer before fully dedicating himself to his art. Jeremy has exhibited his works in galleries across Europe, the United States, and Asia. He has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Converse and Muji. In addition, Jeremy regularly participates in his local Tokyo community by creating murals to support creative entities. DOGZZZ have been his lifetime propaganda!

Projects & Exhibitions:

“Muji Artist Collab”, Ginza Flagship,
Tokyo Nov. 2021

“Pow!Wow! Japan” group show,
Shirahama Oct. 2021

“Hankyu Complex Store Anasolule Pop Up Shop”,
Tokyo & Osaka Oct. 2021

“Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 2,
Tokyo Oct. 2021

“WWArt Fair Solo Show Gallery Func,
Shanghai Sept. 2021

“The Fiction” group Show at Gallery Func,
Shanghai July 2021

“Yokai & Monster” group Show at LOFT,
Nagoya July 2021

“Art Xiamen Art fair Amoy China”, Gallery Func Booth,
Amoy June 2021

“Converse Japan” Official Collaboration.
Tokyo May 2021

“Parco Video projection” on the main screen,
Osaka Mar. 2021

“Tokumei Kinoten” anonymous group show,
Tokyo Jan. 2021

“Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 1,
Tokyo Feb. 2021

“Zzzancha”, streets of Sangenjaya,
Tokyo Aug. 2020

“Sense” group show,
Tokyo Nov. 2020

“Toyzzz” collaboration with Japanese street artist MAW,
Tokyo Dec. 2019

“Daruma Utageya” group exhibition,
Osaka Jul. 2020

“Stress” group show,
Tokyo 2019

“Dogzzz” solo exhibition,
Tokyo 2018