Solo Exhibition at The Fridge
November 30
th to December 14th 2020 (online)
March 29th to April 30th 2021 (The Fridge at Ace Hotel Kyoto)

“Silhouettes are depicted of people in various situations and “roles”; family members, partners, communities of the same faith and colleagues. The moments when people share ideas and perceptions within personal relationships. 
In the Schatten Series, a shadow appears on the backdrop of the piece depending on how light hits, and it is then and only then completed as a work. The idea is to focus on the parts that are not visible.

Boundaries are sometime created by the way society will stereotype a person according to gender and origin. I believe sexual diversification and cultural fusion are essential parts to understand the inner side of a person and deepen the relationships between each other: deepen our connection. I am queer. Society ask me to be a woman; only considering my physical gender without being fully understood. I try to behave like a woman in response. I feel uncomfortable. Boundaries and connections are always in my work, the Silhouette Series and Schatten Series are to connect human beings, put everyone’s outside self out, express an open world without boundaries.