For Firi: JOJI NAKAMURA “She was in the park” & "Tea Colored Dress"

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JOJI NAKAMURA “She was in the park” & "Tea Colored Dress"
(Acrylic on canvas) 18 x 21 inches & 15 x 18 inches

2600 USD + 2400 USD

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Joji Nakamura paints with his hands using acrylic, gesso, graphite and ink on canvas. His extruded faces are instantly recognizable. Nakamura’s dynamic strokes transform into his own rendition of a classic portrait, or a figure painting created with his body.    
He has held exhibitions in Paris, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Japan. In recent years, Nakamura shifted from the monotone paintings of his early years to color, presenting portraits and still life pieces in soft blotchy hues.
Past solo shows include Clear gallery Tokyo, Peter Augustus gallery in Dallas, Galerie Mikiko Fabiani in Paris, and also the newly opened Night-out Gallery and Oil by BT in Tokyo.   
Born in 1974, Joji Nakamura currently lives and works in Yokohama, Japan. 

Joji Nakamura & Sydney Albertini at The Fridge
March 4th to March 24th
280 Mott Street, New York, NY