(Born 1983, Tokyo JP) Ayako Kuno is a Japanese contemporary artist who invented her own unique lost-wax casting technique to mold metals into form. Her infinite detailed works convey simultaneously chaos and order in a representation of today’s urban driven society.

KUNO received her BFA in metalworking in 2008 from the Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design at Musashino Art University, and her MFA in crafts (metal casting) in 2010 from Tokyo University of Arts. Recent exhibitions include SIC15 (Spiral Hall, Tokyo, 2014 “erosion” (3331 Gallery, Tokyo, 2015), the 9
thSano Renaissance Metalcasting Competition (Sano Culture Center, Tochigi, 2017), 3rdTriennale of KOGEI in Kanazawa (People’s Gallery A, 21stCentury Museum of Cotemporary Art, Kanazawa, 2017) and Special Exhibition “Metal Work” (Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum, Kanazawa, 2018). Selected for the Kanazawa International Kogei Competition (2017), other awards include the Sano Renaissance Metalcasting Competition Encouragement Prize (2017), Shibuya Awards Grand Prize (2016) and SICF15 Audience Prize (2014).



“When I think of landscapes, it is first densely packed urban spaces that come to my mind, shapes that appear viewed from above, outlines of structures in various viewpoints.

The disorderly clusters of buildings with similar shapes, the shapes that support these, the gaps between them and the incongruous feel of nature and manmade structures standing side by side. People tend to have different ideas of what constitutes a populated landscape whether it’s partial or fragmented and mixed with their own concerns, thoughts and experiences.

Although it is common to perceive the chaotic appearance of modern urban spaces in a negative light, the steadily growing city to me resembles a single giant life form and a fascinating entity that conjures up positive thoughts of strength.”



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November 2019
Tokyo, JP